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Parental Control

Protect your child online. When you purchase a bundled desktop or laptop computer, you will receive a one-year parental control license of our business partner who creates the best internet filter in Poland. We offer specialized software that blocks access to websites in accordance with the settings set by the person supervising the computer. Main software features:

  1. Internet filter - allows you to configure the content of the displayed content on the Internet.
  2. Blocking sites for adults - the current database of blocked even the latest movies and pornographic images on your computer.
  3. Activity report - you can check which pages were visited, searched and how much time was spent on the Internet.
  4. Internet access time - you set the daily limit for Internet services.
  5. Program activity report - check the possible programs used by the user.
  6. Filtering social networking sites - you will choose available social networking sites.